Vine Pruning: The Beginning of a New Vintage

by Di Giovanna

The official start of the new ‘Vendemmia’ begins with the pruning of the vines (vine training).

Di Giovanna uses the ‘Cordone Speronato’ (Cordon Method) method.  It is a vine training method for producing high quality grapes & less grape clusters.  Cordon means ‘a line of people’ and the trained vines follow a line, each connected to the other.

Here are a few photos of the Di Giovanna team pruning in the Fiuminello vineyards…at 700 meters elevation.

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At Di Giovanna, we leave 4-5 spurs on each plant with 2 buds on each spur at about 5-6 inches apart.  The perfect space between each spur is important to create balance for the vine; it affects the yield per plant and the grape maturity.  As pruning is made by hand on each vine, we are thinking ahead to the green harvest, when we will reduce the quantity of grape clusters by nearly half.

Vines, like people, improve with training!