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Introducing Vurria..

Vurria.. is Sicilian for ‘I would like’, in Italian ‘vorrei’ and is the new name for our line of indigenous Sicilian wines Grillo, Nero d’Avola and Nerello Mascalese.

The wines are the same as you know and love we’ve just added a unique name to make them even more Sicilian!

We hope you love the new vintages and experience Sicily in all of it’s flavor and richness with each glass.

New technical sheets are available on our website



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From the press (pneumatic) Rosato 2013

2013 was a fantastic vintage for Rosato where the results will be a lighter, fruitier and very drinkable expression from Nero d’Avola & Nerello Mascalese.

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The grapes for our 2 Rosato’s were made with a selection of fruit from the Fiuminello & San Giacomo vineyard at around 700 meters above sea level, with limestone rich soils.  The organic grapes from this protected nature reserve make a beautiful and fresh rosato, full of aromas and intense minerality.  The grapes are hand-picked, de-stemmed and enter the wine cellar through a stainless steel tube where they are brought to a low temperature.  The grapes and juice then quickly make their way into the press where the the juice is gently extracted for a few hours, achieving the perfect extraction of free run juice, color.    Here is information on pressing if you care to read more http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pressing_(wine)  From here the beautifully colored juice goes into a stainless steel tank for fermentation.  It is treated like a white wine but made from a red grape.

Rosato is the perfect compromise for white and red wine drinkers, can quickly end any argument and is one of the most versatile wines for food.  The 2013 Rosato’s from Di Giovanna will be bottled in January and available early March 2014.

Gerbino Rosato di Nero d’Avola 2013:  Production 10,000 bottles

Gerbino Rosato di Nerello Mascalese 2013:  Production  8,000 bottles

please email us for more information info@di-giovanna.com

History of the wine press http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_wine_press

NEW RELEASES: Bottling the first wines of the 2012 vintage

We are excited to announce our new releases, just in time for the Spring and to share some new photos from the bottling line.

Freshly bottled at the Di Giovanna winery and ready for enjoyment are:


We had perfect polyphenolic ripeness (perfectly mature grapes!) thanks to extensive defogliating and an ‘Indian summer’ in 2012 that has given us wines with more depth of fruit and round LUSCIOUSNESS! 

1. Sweet and pleasant to taste or smell: a luscious melon. See Synonyms at delicious.
2. Having strong sensual or sexual appeal; seductive.
3. Richly appealing to the senses or the mind: a luscious, vivid description.

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The Rosato di Nerello Mascalese & Rosato di Nero d’Avola 2012 were both made entirely in our press (this is the highest quality method for making Rose wine).  A gentle pressing of the grapes extracts fruitiness and flavor yet not any bitterness or tannins.  We achieved more elegance and balance with the 2012 Rosato’s than ever before.

We hope you enjoy the beginning of a memorable vintage at DI GIOVANNA.

Certified Organic Wine, made in Sicily.

…don’t forget to check out our new website http://www.di-giovanna.com